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Janis Ian, jamwoman

Janis Ian is known and respected as a folk/pop singer-songwriter, but of
late her live performances have incorporated a range of electronics. Here
is an excerpt from an article in Acoustic Guitar magazine (February 98

< For vocal looping and effects, she has a Lexicon Jamman, a Digitech
Vocalist, and a Yamaha SPX-900. Vocal looping has been a part of her show
ever since the Breaking Silence album, and it can be quite spectacular.
"We were doing a little bit of call and response stuff with an SPX years
ago," she recalls. "My soundman started doing it on 'Ride Me Like a
Wave'. And then when I started working with Philip Clark, my Australian
sound guy, we were talking about, Wouldn't it be great if we could sample
but didn't have to deal with a sampler? I called [a dealer] to ask
whether there was anything like that, and he said 'Yeah, there's this
great thing called the JamMan and it's really cheap.' And so we got one
and boy, it was just an awesome thing. So we started using one, and now
we're looking for more because they stopped making them." >