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Re: short delay, black tape

Yeah Paint it black...

Black Velcro Tape is even better. You can have you pedals crawl up the wall
and sit on your ceiling by putting velcro stripes in your home studio.  I
can play several pedals this way using elbows, Peg heads, foreheads, knees
as well as feet and toes. You can load your crossbow with those suction
tipped arrows and shoot the auto wah into existence perched in its vertical
velcro position.  Avail at office depots type places. You can even take
your computer apart and velcro the parts on the wall attached by their
cables. Makes upgrading really a plug and play operation.

Randy Jones

At 03:06 PM 12/22/97 -0500, Joe Miklojcik wrote:
>I have just spent several sessions playing into an incredibly short delay
>ms, 100% feedback).  I play synths, not guitars.  Obviously, a longer,
>"playable" delay is on my wish list, but for the time being I'm having
fun.  To
>make up for the relatively short loop length, I find myself playing a 
>phrase over and over again by hand.
>My favorite trick so far is to get a sound with a percussive click or spit
>right at the beginning and play it in time with the loop over and over.  
>click "smears" into something really interesting.  I read once that the 
>ear perceptrons use the first 1/20th of a second of a sound to assess a 
>sound; is it a predator?  Is the microwave dinner finished cooking?  Is my
>girlfriend pounding on the doors?  I think that when this 1/20th of a
second is
>messed with, it has odd effects on people.
>Also, the looping makes what the brain might initially detect as an 
>sound more of a background sound as time goes on.  Play a pattern of
clicks and
>pops that really grab you into a loop.  Then, wait for the sheer quantity 
>repetitions to allow your mind to let go of it.  Blur the loop into 
>less aggressive -- perhaps with more bass tones.  Later, play the inital
>pop/click pattern back into the loop again, you will evoke an "AHA!"
>Any other things like these I should try?
>Warning: the rest has little to do with looping:
>> Also, vintage ART gear can be easily modified using my Mark UNuglyator
>> Re-edifice kit (TM) OK, it's just black electrical tape, but it works
>> wonders.
>I apply such treatment to everything, regardless of it's inital beauty.
>I suffer from this horrible disease where if I see words in front of me, I
>can't play music.
>Everything gets taped over except for a the small words that label the 
>Glad to see that black tape is a fetish others have as well.
>(Joe Miklojcik)