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Re: Re: PMC-10

On Sun, 21 Dec 1997, future perfect wrote:

) the CC pedals had
> like 10 steps, so it was impossible to send smooth messages. The old 
> like mine was, were 'painted' with this pink splatter pattern across 
> Almost as bad as the Plex's
> beige color.

Ok, let's face it, ART's faux '80s Ocean Pacific/Miami Vice was terrible.
And I finally traded my SGX2000 for the Digitech 2112 when I finally
realized the there just wasn't any good way to get the ART to sound good.
(it did make some pretty kooky sounds, though) However, the CC had 256
steps and was fine for smooth (as smooth as MIDI constant control gets)
CC.  It was the ART gear itself that did a bad job dealing with the CC
messages.  I'm also pretty sure that you could set them to send multipal
channels by doing some weird set up procedure, but I'm not sure of that.

Also, vintage ART gear can be easily modified using my Mark UNuglyator
Re-edifice kit (TM) OK, it's just black electrical tape, but it works