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Robert Rich/Amoeba

Hi all,

Robert Rich's name doesn't seem to come up very often on this list, 
however many must be familiar with his solo or collaborative works (with 
Steve Roach and others) and know that his music is very loop-based (a 
spring 97 issue of Keyboard, I believe, had a little feature on him, & 
mentioned use of several Jamdudes).
I have a copy of his 1997 cd Watchful for sale. Please e-mail me 
personally if you're interested. Some info on the cd follows.

happy looping,


           On Watchful, Amoeba presents a cinematic 48-minute document 
of corrupted memories, recurring dreams, and personal crises in extreme 
close-up. Watchful is a strange trip along a very twisted path. 

 The tracks:
           It's a big world out there, and you're keeping a copy of it 
in your head FYI. Opening with simple hand
           drum and guitar, Inside explodes into a panorama of swirling 
guitars and Djimbes. 
           Where do you end and the rest of the world begin? Rich dwells 
psychotic over the "fragile line between
           blood and air." Hans Christian's cello adds a smooth and 
unsettling film over Davies' guitar pulse. Out
           Instrumental featuring Davies on slow-motion guitar and Rich 
on alien woodwinds. 
             Can't Find My Feet (samples in QuickTime and AIFF format) 
           The wind blows so hard that a simple walk up the block 
ignites an identity crisis. Stark voices by Ivy
           Barry set against on Rich's wind-blown vocals sends a shiver 
down your spine. Guitars and cellos
           swarm, rinse, and hang dry. 
             Ignoring Gravity 
           Is lucid dreaming the favorite pasttime of the collective 
unconscious majority? Dunno, but courtesy of
           Rich, this vessel is more than just a nice place to visit. 
Don Swanson (of L.A. art-rock ensemble The
           Telling) brings the snare and cymbals. 
             Water Vapor 
           The blue sky has become a pool reflecting the ceiling of a 
cold, damp cave. Rich supplies a courteous
           warning on lap steel. 
           W.S. Burroughs once said "Thou shalt not be such a shit you 
don't even know you are one." Rich's
           vocals and Davies' guitars take it personally, and lacerate 
in unison. A new all-time low. 
             Big Clouds 
           Squelching voices dance and play as the storm subsides amid 
bursts of drums and blasts from within the
           pan pipes. 
             Saragossa (samples in QuickTime and AIFF format) 
           Inspired by, among other things, the film, The Saragossa 
Manuscript. Pull on a single strand and the
           whole damn sweater unravels. 
             Any Other Sky 
           Catatonia in Catalunia. One minute you're on the east coast, 
the next on the west. You wake up to
           discover your address book has been out of date for 20 years. 
Splendid rhythms from Davies and
           Swanson and sax pedal tones from Scott Wright tune your head 
to receive Rich's mantra: "Doesn't
           The titles role at the end of a 45-minute movie. Overhead 
power lines rattle. Piano and guitar discuss.
           Rumbling bass concurs now and then. Assume crash positions. 

           "I've seen the future, and it is slow." - A.Harris, San 
Francisco 1990 

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