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rfc-1 midigator

there was a great unit made by lake butler called the midigator. they have
gone the way of the dodo, but i have seen many of these units in new
condition for a song ($85-125.)  i have been using one for years. adrian
belew turned me on to them years ago when we toured together.  you can send
note on/note off, program change (up to 128 commands per pedal per preset,
with 128 user programmable presets, five pedals each.)sys-ex messages and
they can do lots of things that i haven't scrached the surface of.  i use
mine to program change effects, do audio path routing ( with FLASH
switchers), and trigger samples from my akai s-900. if anyone is interested
they can e-mail me directly and i'll tell them where i saw one last.

ric hordinski