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Korg DL8000R info

Full text (in a much more readable format) available at:


              This versatile digital delay processor provides the
ultimate in features and flexibility and continues Korgis progression
of ground breaking digital delay development that began in the early

              Careful attention has been paid to every detail of the
audio circuitry in the new DL8000R Digital Multi-Tap Delay.  With high
quality, sophisticated effects algorithms and parameters, this effect
processor provides advanced sound processing power at an affordable

              Intuitive two-control user interfacing allows easy access
to the unitis extraordinary processing power and ultra-large
high-brightness vacuum luminiscent displays allow effortless visability
under any lighting condition.

              Superb studio-quality processing

              The DL8000R is a true stereo device with extremely clean,
studio-quality processing and long stereo delay times up to 5,200 ms. A
maximum of 10,000 ms. can be achieved in mono with both delay lines
connected in series!

              The left and right delay lines feature independant 3 Band
EQ, Pre-Delay and four delay taps each with high and low damp filters
in the feedback loops. Each delay tap can be modulated by an array of
sources including an internal LFO (with a selection of five different
waveforms), an audio envelope, assignable controllers, and MIDI clock.
A comprehensive internal Mixer allows independent programmable level,
stereo panning and polarity settings for each of the eight delay taps.

              128 phenomenol factory preset programs

              The DL8000R's preset programs include many with real-time
parameter control, such as "TURNTHEWARP," which lets you use the front
panel WARP! knob to create dramatic delay time parameter changes. The
programs include an incredibly diverse selection of delay settings
(mono, stereo, multi-tap, etc.), modulation-type programs such as
chorus, flanger and tremolo - and even tempo, rhythm and hold-type
effects that can add depth to techno and club music, for example.

              The DL8000R features essential studio application
programs including a group which provide delay, modulation and EQ
effect settings that recording engineers frequently use, along with
programs created specifically for vocals. You also get real-time
control programs for use with optional pedals, MIDI-sync programs, mic
simulations, cabinet resonators, and unique special effects. Of course
it's also possible to modify the preset programs to create your own,
and store them in the 128 memories in the user area.

              Flexible dynamic control

              The DL8000R also offers simultaneous real-time control of
up to sixteen parameters. Virtually any parameter can be controlled via
MIDI, an expression pedal or footswitch, audio signal, or the special
front panel WARP! knob. The DL8000Ris specially designed DSP circuitry
even allows glitch free real-time control of delay times.

              Powerful studio-friendly features

              Along with the usual Time mode, where delay times are
manually selected, the DL8000R features a Tempo mode. This mode
automatically sets delay times using Tempo and Factor (note value)
parameters. A left and right Rhythm Pattern parameter contains a
selection of 21 different rhythmic delay patterns utilizing the eight
delay taps.

              A tap tempo function also allows setting delay times by
tapping a dedicated front panel button or footswitch. An audio trigger
function can detect audio peaks and automatically calculate delay
times. And, delay time can be synced to MIDI clock.


              DL8000R SPECIFICATIONS

                     Controls: Input Level (Left, Right), Output Level
(Left, Right), Function Knob with Shift/Exit SW, Value Knob with Enter
SW, Warp! Knob with Return SW, /ms Key, Hold Key, Trigger Key, Bypass
Key, Power SW
                     Programs: User Programmable 128 programs + Preset
approx. 20 programs (Numbers are not confirmed
                     Number of delay taps: L x 4 (1, 2, 3, and
Feedback), R x 4 (1, 2, 3, and feedback) with adjustable level and
                     Delay time: max. 4,800ms (L, R each) / 10,000 ms
if pre-delay is used and delay lines are connected in
                     Input/Output Connections :Input (L/MONO, R,
1/4"phone), Output (L, R, 1/4" phone), Bypass SW Input
                     (1/4" phone), Hold SW Input (1/4"phone), Trigger
SW Input (1/4"phone), Control Pedal Input (1/4" TRS
                     MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU
                     Display: Large high-brightness luminescent
display, 12 characters alpha-numeric, 9 points function
                     indicator, 5 points / ch level indicator
                     A/D, D/A Resolution: 18bit Linear
                     Sample Rate: 48kHz(128 times over sampling
bitstream ADC & 128 times over sampling bitstream DAC)
                     Max. Input Level: +20.0dBu
                     Input Sensitivity: -10dBu - +8.0dBu (@12dB Head
                     Input Impedance: 500kohm
                     Max. Output Level: +20.0dBu
                     Output Load Impedance: > 600ohm
                     Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-1.0dBu)
                     Dynamic Range: >96dB(@ 1kHz AWTD 22kHz-LPF)
                     T.H.D. + N: < 0.03% (@ 1kHz F.S. 22kHz-LPF)
                     Power Supply: AC 9V
                     Power Consumption: 2,000mA (max.)
                     Dimensions: 19" (W) x 8.5" (D) x 1.7" (H)
                     Weight: 5.5 lbs.
                     Accessories: AC/AC Power supply
                     [0dBu = 0.775Vrms]
                     [F.S.= Digital Full Scale Level]


                     XVP-10 EXP/VOL Pedal
                     EXP-2 Expression Pedal
                     PS-1 Pedal Switch
                     PS-2 Pedal Switch