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Re: Cheap Used Gear Sources

>Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 03:02:40
>To: mnelson@dmans.com
>From: Tom Lambrecht <hideo@concentric.net>
>Subject: Re: Cheap Used Gear Sources
>At 04:40 PM 12/13/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>> Some of the places I found that sell used stuff for cheap include:
>>> EU Wurlitzer-www.wurlitzer.com
>>> Daddies Junky Music- www.ugbm.com
>>> Thoroughbred Music.-www.tbred-music.com
>>> Lentines-www.lentine.com
>>  I'm not so sure about Daddy's. I got their catalog for awhile and
>>everything seemed high to me.
>>Nut Pie Boy
>Daffy's has some deals--but they don't really exist except in your
MIND--picture this--salivating as you log onto their website and spot a Lex
Vortex "VG condition"  $159---with trembling hands, you punch at the phone,
obligingly enter the que for what seems like an eternity and talk to the
salesman who informs you that it was snapped up a long time ago--why is it
still on their Web site (updated every few days)? ONLY THE GODS KNOW!!   
their catalogs are enterttaining to flip through (and free), buttotally
useless by the time they thread their way through the Byzantine labyrinth
known as 3rd class mail.
>he best way t get the good shit (the really GOOD SH#T) at a reasonable
price is to extend your tendrils and gently caress the newsgroups, Harmony
Central, etc. There I've said the UNSAYABLE and I hear a chorus of wails 
chastisements from the veterans who have been reaping the evil rewards of
buying used gear from the ORIGINAL user (gasp) for years.
>well, now I'll pull my hood over my head and ostracised, retreat from
polite society.
>drone oN~~~~~~~~~~~Tom
>PS--try adding a little of green Argentine mate' to your morning tea--it's
GOOD for the mind.
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net