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Re: N.A.M.M show, GEAR prices !!!

> How come in the last, say 20 years (or 30, etc) computer chips, 
> components, micro-wiring and soldering technology and technique, plastic,
> have all been greatly improved in quality and been slashed in price.
> Every consumer iterm that involves these components has become 
> amazingly cheaper, yet vasly higher in quality, than 20 or 30 years back 
> clock radios, cassette decks, walkmans, VCRs, computers like the ones 
> all on right now, etc.
> Yet musical gear, effects processors, many synths, tuners, etc all cost 
> MUCH, sometimes MORE than they did years ago. Of course - many exceptions
> to the rule.... but in general, c'mon!!!!

  Two reasons: 1) Prices are set at what the market will bear. If people
wouldn't pay the prices asked, the manufacturers would reduce the price
or redesign the products. 2) Probably more important is market size. For
every digital effects unit sold, there are probably 500 VCR's, 500
stereo systems, and 1000 Walkman devices sold. I wouldn't be surprised
if the numbers were even larger than this. When you order 250,000 of a
certain part the cost gets very, very cheap.
  Hey, I want a $199 effects unit with true bypass and stereo operation
that has rich sound and unlimited programmability, but it ain't going to