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FS: Deltalab ADM 1030

I received a post following a query on htis vintage piece FS on the Net:
I've blown my toy budget for two years in two months--seems to me someone
was looking for a Deltalab piece awhile back--four memorise sound
interesting tho only 1 sec loops .. .

altho playing around with my newly acquired RDS 8000, it is vey cool to be
able to twek short loops with lovely, tactile KNOBS in real time (not to
mention chorus, flange etc.

Seller wants $ 125 and freight

drone on~~~Tom

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>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:43:51 -0500 (EST)
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>Subject: Re: Deltalab ADM 1030
>Well it has a little more than a one second delay.  and all the
>milliseconds in between.  there are 7 buttons on the front to get you in
>the ballpark of the delay time you need.  then fine tune with the dial in
>REAL time.  The memory locations work in conjunktion with the buttons.
>You make yur setup adjust LFO speed and depth etc. hit memory and one of
>the 4 memory buttons and it remembers all the parameters but the 
>button.  But its cool to see what the other delay factors sound like this
>way.  Hit the "ballpark" and your bak in bidniz.   It needs a new 9volt 
>this though.  just unscreew the cover and pop it in.     one rack pace ,
>internal power supply ,  no dings , studio use only and its BLUE (cool)
>e-mail back any Q's
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net