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Mark has a very good point (and some other cat posted 
along the same lines a few days back-how many folks in the 
crowd can actually percieve a lot of stereo effects?) but 
at the same time, as I said, there are a bunch of Vortex 
effects (like 3/7 echoes) which sound way more like music 
if there are quarter note triplet echoes coming from one 
place and septuplet echoes coming from another, not to 
mention the possibilities for panning a lead a la Pete 
I enjoy hearing an unmiked ensemble for many reasons, not 
least because I can walk around the venue and experience a 
varied mix/EQ. I think playing stereo can offer a similar 
experience. I hate hearing a band where they use the PA to 
overpower the room sound only to replace it with fake 
ambience. If I use some stadium souding delay, it's to 
make a point, not because I rely on the illusion that I'm 
playing in a hockey arena instead of a dive bar in order 
to sound cool.
BTW, after some inquiries at the joint I usually play, it 
became clear to me that, though most consoles are stereo 
capable, it is the setup of crossovers and power amps that 
makes most small clubs mono only. I have no idea if this 
bit o' info will do anyone any good, but I thought I'd 
pass it along. Even though there may be matching speaker 
stacks on each side of the stage, folks are not stereo nor 
can they be w/o much more hardware. 
Jeff Schwartz