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*NO FLASH PHOTO's* -- Fripp -- Boston -- Dec 16 -- House of Blues

Oh yes - 

Without defending or justifying it -- reports are that at recent Crimson
off-shoot shows for ProjeKt One - FLASH PHOTO's have caused great upset
to the Fripp-most.  He has stopped playing - or talking  when a FLASH
goes off.

So, PLEASE - **NO FLASH PHOTO'S**  - or he may stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

David Kirkdorffer

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From:   David Kirkdorffer 
Sent:   Friday, December 12, 1997 6:41 PM
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Subject:        FYI -- Fripp -- Boston -- Dec 16 -- House of Blues
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Fripp -- Boston -- Dec 16 -- House of Blues

I advise checking in as soon as the doors open.  That's when he's liable
to start - if not earlier - regardless of stated show time.

Tix are $15

Not well publicized.

But, if you're in the arae...


David Kirkdorffer