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Re: bluegrass looping

At 02:31 PM 12/12/97 -0500, George Henry wrote:
>At 09:49 AM 12/12/97 EST, ANET wrote:

>Bela, Sam, Edgar, Mark, and Jerry are probably all progressive and
>experimental enough to introduce looping to bluegrass. I just don't know 
>bluegrass audiences are ready for it....
>George Henry

I don't know about audiences, but in my days of demoing echoplexes I had
quite a few bluegrass players express a lot of interest. I'm not remarkably
familiar with bluegrass myself, but it seems that the music does make
frequent use of repeating motifs that might work great with looping. And
then there's Chet Atkins and Phil Keaggy (do they qualify as bluegrass? I
don't even know), who have both made use of looping in their music.

anybody know other examples? Any bluegrass players here who can comment?

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