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Re: Major Jamage (Bela Fleck and others)

At 09:49 AM 12/12/97 EST, ANET wrote:
>Have you heard Bela with Sam Bush, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor and Jerry
>on the CD, Strength In Numbers?  MCA-6293
>No looping, but major jamming.  I have never heard bluegrass come so 
>close to
>jazz and blues boogie/shuffle as this.  All the instruments are acoustic 
>take on a phenominal blending of styles. 
>Nuff' said take a listen to these guys, they are good! 

Well, it's a unrelentingly stringy album--all stringed instruments--which
is a little hard to get used to (read: borderline to overwhelming), and
possibly one reason Strength in Numbers only survived as a band long enough
to release one CD. The music itself (disregarding the feeling of being
strung up by one's ears) is eggsellent.

Bela, Sam, Edgar, Mark, and Jerry are probably all progressive and
experimental enough to introduce looping to bluegrass. I just don't know if
bluegrass audiences are ready for it....

George Henry
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I've been away for a while.
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