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Cheap Used Gear Sources

Some of the places I found that sell used stuff for cheap include:

EU Wurlitzer-www.wurlitzer.com
Daddies Junky Music- www.ugbm.com
Thoroughbred Music.-www.tbred-music.com

>Yeah, the cost on JamMan is whatever you can get for them, usually people 
>have them know they can get 200 - 250 trade for them.  At Guitar Center, (
>the guitar player in my band works in Pro Audio) they usually sell them (
if they
>can get them) for 25 to 45 over their cost.
>Again it depends on how much they get them for, and usually as a retro 
>people want quite a bit (if people sell them at all).  For a cheap one
look in
>the papers for someone to trade or who really needs the money.
>Jim out.
>Ahanning wrote:
>> We've got a "MARS" music store opening up in my area - anyone had any
>> stories in haggling prices down at one of these?
>> likewise, am looking for a Jamman or preferably echoplex, as cheap as 
>> can be. Anyone know what sort of mark up (roughly speaking) List price
for a
>> big-ass store might be over cost to them?
>> TIA
>> Alex
>Jim Taylor
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