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Re:N.A.M.M show

At 09:51 PM 12/11/97, Michael P. Hughes, Ph.D. wrote:
>At 11:17 AM 12/11/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>NAMM is not open the public, actually. (Frankfurt musik messe is on two
>>days, and boy does it suck.) 
>Why?  Because it demands that manufacturers come face to face with the
>paying public, rather than have a big holiday with rock stars and, er,
>people with silicone?

As I recall from working at Frankfurt, you spend most of the
open-to-the-public days completely focused on preventing everything in your
booth from getting stolen. We had to keep an eye on every last guitar knob.
Not a lot of time left for politely answering the same question for the
900th time, which you're in no mood for by the fifth day of a huge trade
show anyway. 

The nice thing about Frankfurt though, was that people were quite polite
about the fact that I was a total moron and could only answer their
questions in English. Most of them were then able to gracefully switch from
German or whatever to English, making me feel even stupider. But I did very
much appreciate that, and I'm sure it doesn't work the other way around in 

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