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Re: Mixer Use

I'm using a Passac "Unity 8" mixer. It is perfect for my applications.
It's one rack space, 8 channels, with panning, volume and 2 aux sends
for each channel in one rack space. They don't make them anymore, but if
you look around you can find them for @ $175.00. It's set up like this:

aux 1 -Sony dly unit ret. on ch's 1&2
aux 2 L - Roland SRV-2000 ret. on ch's 3 & 4
aux 2 R - Lexicon PCM-70 ret. on ch's 5&6
straight guitar sound on ch. 7
echoplex on ch 8

output to Boogie 50/50 (for now) into 2 Mesa thiele 1x12" cabs.

this gives me alot of on the fly flexibility when looping. I'm very
"hands on" my gear when playing.

Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
> Hi guys
> I'd like to know what kind of mixer's use you make in your looping setup.
> Regarding effect too.
> I could take a little mixer for nothing and I'd like to know more about 
> in a loop context.
> thanks
> leo