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Re: Vortex Virgin

>Just got my Vortex w/ manual etc. This unit is used and it seems to me
>that the presets are not intact (big surprise). The manual (and all the
>buzz from loopers) suggested that I should hear some pretty dramatic
>things...I don't. Some presets sound like nothing. It is difficult for
>me to gauge the abilities of this device with no examples. Would anyone
>be interested in providing parameter info for the presets (or cool
>reatives) so that I can get a feel for this thing?
>Also would appreciate comments on setup: where do you place your Vtex?
>Mixer fx loop, amp fx loop, pre mixer or amp? etc.

For my money the coolest Vortex routing is in a mixer, with the mix set 
to 100% wet, and the dry signal running in parallel.  Also, the Vortex is 
much, much, much cooler in stereo.  Especially through headphones.
As far guaging the pre-sets, what instrument are you playing?  Many of 
the Vortex effects are very sensitive to input dynamics, so if you're 
using input signals of relatively constant level (compressed  guitar, 
synth sounds with minimal velocity sensitivity), you may not be getting 
the complete wow factor.

Travis Hartnett