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Re: Loop Length

>Hello David, et al.
>Would you mind giving explicit, sequetial steps in actually doing this so
>that another might try it?  I'm standing here staring at the front panel 
>the EDP with my guitar in hand...
>Anyone else with some very specific guidelines for doing something cool on
>the EDP?  I'll save the posts for future requests.
>Randy Jones

No big deal.  Record a short sound, then just tap "multiply" until you have
X (e.g., 16) number of end-to-end copies.  Tap it again to fix the multiply
number.  Overdub some stuff.  Then to divide, tap "multiply" again, and the
'Plex will start counting thru your "segments".  This time a second tap can
halve your total loop if you tap at X divided by two (e.g., 8), or
whatever.  In other words, "multiply" can just as easily be "divide".
Sometimes I like to alternate even/odd multiply/divide figures successively
to mess up the rhythms, or what a trained musician would probably put in
terms of time signatures, syncopation, or some such.  I just work with

Kim and Matthias will be chuckling at such rudimentary use of this machine.
"Multiply" functions are completely covered in the manual.  Only mentioned
it because I'm curious if the JamMan does this sort of thing....
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>Date: Saturday, December 06, 1997 11:36 AM
>Subject: Re: Loop Length
>>With the Oberheim Echoplex, I like to set up a 1 sec loop, record a bit 
>>then multiply it out to maybe 16 sec, add some more material, then divide
>>the loop period to perhaps 8 sec, etc. etc.  JamMen, can you do this?  
>>of many reasons the 'Plex is more an instrument than an effects device.