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PC vs. Mac

        I am very sorry for posting this with the wrong subject line.
In the possibility that it might be overlooked by the person who
initially brought the issue up I am posting it again with the proper
subject line.  My apologies if this repost offends anyone.
> To any one interested in purchasing a PC or MAC for audio I suggest
> that
> you lurk on the two following email lists, gather up some questions
> and
> ask them of  the people who are using these machines day in and day
> out:
> To subscribe to the PC-DAW-digest send a message with "subscribe
> pc-daw-digest" in the body of the message to majordomo@missionrec.com
> To subscribe to the mac-daw-digest point your browser to
> http://www.daw-mac.com where you will find subscription information.
> I strongly suggest using the digest versions of these lists as they
> are
> fairly high in the volume of posts.
> Best regards,
> Greg