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2nd Loop CD

        I, too, would be interested in submitting material for a 2nd LD CD.
I also agree with the idea of musical listenability as an important aspect
of the CD as opposed to making the CD a demo for the many differenernt
things a looper can do.  The greater the variety of musical experience, the
better.  To that end, I also like the idea of a two-disk CD.  I don't like
the idea of putting the music up for votes on the web, however.  For a
starter, the only computer I have and can use with any regularity is my PC
at work.  Its an old 386 machine with no sound and pathetic graphics.
(There is no justification for the accounting department to have a sound
card and since money is tight and the computer runs the necessary software,
no justification for a new machine.)
        As for an idea of what I'd submit, I'm not sure.  There are things
that my band, Dreamchild, has done that might be appropriate, some things 
have done for theatrical productions could be as well, not to mention the
prospect of writing/recording something just for the CD.  Anyway, count me 

Frank Gerace