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Artistic Merit

Having been one of the quieter members on this list long enough to have
jumped in to the first CD project I'd like to share a few thoughts on CD
Project #2.

First: I am interested. My submission would be from Fingerpaint, a guitar
duo driving multiple synths, effects and 5 jam men, one RDS 8000, one
vortex, and an occassional short loop on a LXP-5 and or an Eventude H3000.
We have access to a Tascam DA 38 for recording purposes.

Second:  Having recently read through all the posts concerning our
listening habits, I'm a bit concerned about any individual or group having
the final say on submissions. Are we representing "Looping" as an evolving
form which may have "music" that some or perhaps all of us on this list do
not like? We are a diverse group and should aim to celebrate this in a
collection of looping. If so, I think if a member has a submission of a
piece on an appropriate recording medium( I assume DAT) that is of the
necessary recording quality; and this member is willing to put up the ante
($100), then they should be in.

Third: Having seen how long the first project has taken to come to
fruition, I would like to propose making the payments of the ante in
installments as progress is made on the project. Ray has not cashed my
check and in no way appears to have been in it for the money. But I think,
it may be prudent to proceed with caution. This would minimize hurt
feelings, etc......

Many thanks to Matt for volunteering to undertake this mission.



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