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Re: domain name stuff

If you would like to E-mail me and send me your address, I would like to
contribute $50.00 to whatever effort you deem necessary.  By the way, I 
like to challenge others to donate to Kim to continue this effort.  We 
have a
real jewel here.  Oh, by the way if any of you have not heard Michael 
Loops,  take a little trip over to his Web site in Colonge, Germany,  He 
some very nice guitar loops for demo.  

Now someone was keeping a list of people that would like to donate to the 
CD project.  Would it be possible to set up an FTP entry to "Loopers"  to 
the names?  I think we could use this as a focal point for projects.  Once
things get under way, we would want to be able to look at time-lines on the
projects etc. etc.

See you guys later, have a good one!