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Re: A Brief Word From Obi-ville

     Instead of buying a t-shirt I would prefer to buy the Echoplex.
     When are we going to have them available?

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Assunto: A Brief Word From Obi-ville
Autor:  Tom Spaulding <tspauldi@gibson.com> na internet
Data:    20/11/1997 16:44

Please check the Oberheim page (www.oberheim.com)in the next few weeks. We 
should have a place you can buy Oberheim swag: T-shirts, jackets, stuff 
like that. I had some Oberheim logo items printed for this first batch, 
I wonder what kind of interest would there be in an Echoplex logo (both 
and new) on T-shirts, jackets, mouse pads, whatever? Any input from the 
faithful is appreciated. 
Also, back in my Gibson Guitar days, we did a "Show us Your Gibson" 
campaign where we solicited photos of Gibson owners playing/posing with 
their guitars. First prize was a trip or something like that. Maybe we 
could do something similar with members of this list that own the Echoplex 
Digital Pro, albeit on a smaller scale (like maybe cab fare!). Any ideas? 
In a shameless effort to court our past and future users, I remain,
Tom "OB-1" Spaulding