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Current Listening and All time top something

Currently what I've been giving a lot of listenign to is:

(in no particular order)

1. Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! by Loren Mazzacane Conners. Solo electric
guitar. Somewhat.

2. Collapse by Mick Harris and James Plotkin.VEry dark ambient droney 

3. Dead Cities by Future Sound of London.

4. Native of the Rain by Tony Geballe. Solo 12 string magic.

5. Duo and Trio Improvisations- Derek Bailey wih others.

6. Arcana- The Last Wave- Derek Bailey, Tony Williams, Bill LAswell.

7. Songs From the Cold Seas_- Hector Zazou

8. Viral Sonata- DJ Spooky, actually Paul D. Miller on this disc.

9. Undark- Russel Mills with guests like Eno, Sylvian...

10. The "WELS" COncert- Peter Brotzman, Hamid Drake, and Mahmoud Gania

11. Songs of the Cows_- The Merman...Surf guitar for the 90's

12. Myself- that constant chatter inside my head, occasionally quieted down
by muisc or mediatation......

Some of my all time favs:

King Crimson most of their rleeases..

Eno most, but particulary Another Green World and On Land.

Derek Bailey- Most but I could not live without Solo Guitar Volume Two.
Twenty century classical music in my book...

Bela Bartok.... all but especially String Quartets No 5 and 6!!! Powerful 

Jan Gabarek...he has a release with David Torn btw and another one with 

Jimi, Jimi, Jimi.....need I say more?



PS there is a hellof a lot that I left out as I'm sure most of us 

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