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Re: Top ten list

At 06:37 PM 11/18/97 -0500, John Price wrote:

>Return to Forever - I think Chick C. said somewhere he knew he'd have a
>tough time topping this effort. He said it was gonna stay with him as
>the pinnacle of his musical style in everyones mind forever. I know I'd
>kill to have an albatross like that around my neck.

funny, I'm sitting here listening to a Squarepusher track, and I'm pretty
sure he's using a bunch of Return to Forever samples. Or it could be from
one of Al DiMeola's albums. Time has blurred those together in my mind....
The agressive beat makes it a little cooler now, but not much.  ;-)

Squarepusher: is this track drum n' bass? 70's Jazz Fusion? both? neither?
Why would you go to so much trouble using drum n' bass techniques to make
something that sounds like Weather Report? Fusion - let it rest in 


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