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Re: Stop Plex gremlins!

At 12:17 AM -0500 11/13/97, klaw@iglou.com wrote:
>>>This problem seems to go away after reinitializing on
>>>boot up but  its not holding my settings in memory.
>>So the next time you switch it on (without holding Param), its crashing
>>>>>>>Yes until its re initialized.
>>>Is this hardware
>>Probably the EEPROM (non volatile memory)
>>>these little gremlins be swept away by installing Loop5.0?
>>I doubt it.
>>>>>>>>Wonder if I could get Oberheim to send new EEPROM( without sending
>>>>>>>>unit into oblivion)Unit is still very much under warranty.

It sounds like your problem is definitely hardware, and quite certainly
caused by the parameters not being read properly out of the eeprom. A dead
or sick eeprom is very likely, but it could also be caused by one of the
parts that controls the eeprom. The ideal thing would be to have Oberheim
repair it so that they can check it all out and replace the eeprom if
necessary. They should be settled down from the move and management change
by now, so that shouldn't be a problem. You could get the new software put
in at the same time....

Or you could buy the eeprom from digikey, they only cost about $.80. It's a
pain to replace though, because you have to take the whole circuit board
out to desolder the old one. Definitely not something to attempt unless you
are knowledgeable about electronics repair.

>>>Also the beat sync input does not function on my Echoplex
>>Maybe you did not quite understand its function.
>>Does the Plex's green dot between the two multiple digits flash when its 
>>Reset and receives sync pulses?
>>If it does, the next Record will be quantized to fit into the puls 
>>it receives. From then on it will stay synced, confirming with the same
>>green dot whenever it corrects time.
>>>>>I was attempting to use it for stuttering effects as outlined in the
>>>>>manual & discussed recently on this list.I have tried using a
>>>>>footswitch & several audio sources with sync "In"enabled I also
>>>>>disconected midi  but no action.

Ah, doing stuttering and loop retriggering is not the same as sync! That
must be the confusion. You can use pulses on beatsync to retrigger loops
(in addition to using them for sync). Do it this way:

- Plug a momentary switch or drum trigger or some other pulse generating
thing into BeatSync.
- Record a loop
- Press Mute
- Press Multiply. Now you are in a "retrigger with beatsync mode"
- Send pulse to BeatSync. The loop will trigger at the beginning and play
once through. Each time you pulse BeatSync again it will retrigger the loop
- that's how you get the stuttering.

You can also do this with Mute-Insert, where each press of Insert
retriggers the loop and gives the stuttering effects. Or another way is
using midi for LoopTriggering, with SamplerStyle set to "one." Whatever

Loop retriggering works better with the new software. There were some bugs
fixed there, and some big changes in the way memory is used. In the old
software it wouldn't do retriggers unless the loop was much shorter than
the total available loop time. (which could also be your problem) With the
new software you can retrigger with maximum length loops that take the
whole memory, and there's no problem.

>On the subject : Is the upgrade available from Oberheim- Nashville  now?

It better be!


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