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Re: Stop Plex gremlins!

>>This problem seems to go away after reinitializing on
>>boot up but  its not holding my settings in memory.
>So the next time you switch it on (without holding Param), its crashing 
>>>>>>Yes until its re initialized.
>>Is this hardware
>Probably the EEPROM (non volatile memory)
>>these little gremlins be swept away by installing Loop5.0?
>I doubt it.
>>>>>>>Wonder if I could get Oberheim to send new EEPROM( without sending
>>>>>>>unit into oblivion)Unit is still very much under warranty.
>>Also the beat sync input does not function on my Echoplex
>Maybe you did not quite understand its function.
>Does the Plex's green dot between the two multiple digits flash when its 
>Reset and receives sync pulses?
>If it does, the next Record will be quantized to fit into the puls pattern
>it receives. From then on it will stay synced, confirming with the same
>green dot whenever it corrects time.
>>>>I was attempting to use it for stuttering effects as outlined in the
>>>>manual & discussed recently on this list.I have tried using a
>>>>footswitch & several audio sources with sync "In"enabled I also
>>>>disconected midi  but no action.
On the subject : Is the upgrade available from Oberheim- Nashville  now?
Matthias thanks for your reply.

                                   K Law