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RE: It could be a new looping device.

To add my two bits, for your new effects device -- make sure you:

1.have separate input and output level controls
2.add a compare feature to check before and after parameter changes
3.spend some real quality time evaluating the interface and ease of use
aspects of the processor
4.use a large display so that "modes" or "functions" used can be seen
from 15 feet away
5.make power supply usable in US & International (with switch or
6.add return/send routing so outside effects can be inserted into the
chain too
7.have a good manual, please
8.have a keypad so users can go from set-up 24 to set-up 71 directly
from device without needing midi

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        I just remembered where this thread started.....

        >Hi out there.
        >I'm in the process of establishing a company with a product
line of "out
        >there" musical effects and accessories. What I refer to as "out
        >is anything that is wild, bizarre or in some way new and/or
        >that other products on the market.
        >Therefore I would ask all of you "out there" people to tell me
what you
        >would like. Everything from small ideas to complete product
        >will be appreciated.

        well, I'm not giving away my ideas, but some advice if you want
to avoid my
        flaming wrath:

        a) use a real power supply, not wall warts!

        b) if there is a bypass, make it a true bypass or make the audio
path clean
        enough that nobody can tell.

        c) don't use the wrong type of capacitors in the audio path or
        sounding opamps. Good audio circuit design always!

        d) build it to last, for real musicians to use and abuse. Don't
design your
        products like shoddy consumer electronics.

        e) if you go digital, use good quality convertors. The prices
are low, use
        the good stuff.

        >I don't think and hope that this letter in anyway break to
rules for
        >this list. After all, we will all benefit from this.

        I certainly don't have a problem with it. :-)  Love to hear more
about what
        you are up to.


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