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LOOP: Introduction


I have recently found this very nice page about Looping, when I did a
search for "Soundscapes" (When will the new Fripp album finally come?).
Then I subs*ribed at your list, and now I think it's
time to introduce myself:

My name is Juergen Haible,
I am mostly interested in analogue synthesizers
(old commercial ones as well as building my own ones).

I love synth albums like Klaus Schulze's "X" (tape loops of a string
and a lot of electronics), Brian Eno's "On Land" as well as Robert Fripp
like "A Blessing of tears" and "Damage".
I also have all of Eberhard Weber's albums, and I saw him live one time
some years ago, doing increadible things with his bass and some delay

Delays and Loops are something I find very fascinating, although I
haven't got a unit than can do more than 1 second at the moment.
I use several ones in series, however. Since a few weeks, I have a setup
like this:

Yamaha CS-50 as sound source (One of the best synths in terms of real
control ever!), then an Amdek delay machine (rather short BBD delay, but
I can
change it from flanging to echo continuously with one knob, and I have
modified with an optoelectronic limiter for very smooth distortion on
feedback), then a Delta Lab Effectron for 1-second loops, then  a MAM
Resonator filter bank to color the echoes, and finally a Dynacord SRS 56

(BBD multitap echo) for ambience.

Playing this is very much fun, but I feel the 1-second loop is a severe
So maybe I should buy a special loop delay in the near future. Realtime
is most important for me, as well as a pleasant sounding overload
(I hate digital distortion ...). Glitch-free switching to one octave
lower with one
knob (no cascaded menues !) would be nice, and reverse playing, of
What shall I look for?

If you want to know more about me or my instruments, feel free to ask, 
or visit the page that Kevin Lightner has built up for me at 


Best Regards,


PS.: All mails from the loop list show only the adress of the original
sender, but
       no hint of the list (other than the contents, of course). So it's
hard to tell
       private mail from public mail when I want to respond. 
       Why not generally begin the subject line with "LOOP", when it is
a public
       (list) mail ? (Just an idea.)