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Re: more on the DOD pedal

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Michael P. Hughes, Ph.D. wrote:

> It costs 130 UK (probably $130, maybe less), 8 sec forward 4sec reverse
> and hold, but no mention of a tap-tempo facility.  Now that _would_ be 

Just got the new American Musical Supply catalog. It goes for $99.50 US.
Four knobs: Mix, Delay, Repeat, Mode. It looks like it's pretty much the
succesor to the old Digitech RDS pedals.  No tap-tempo from what I can
tell. It looks pretty much like the succesor to sister company Digitech's
PDS pedals. They do mention it has an 18 bit signal path though. The name
is FX-98 "Delay-O-Matic"


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