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RE: jamman upgrade

So I take it the JamMan upgrade is OFF from this response ...???

>Sorry it's taken me so long to report back on the JamMan upgrade but
>unfortunately, things have not gone that well. Officially, the JamMan
>deal with Lexicon fell through. Being an employee of Lexicon, they were
>concerned about the destraction of starting a buisness on the side so
>they kept putting me off and off and off. Finally, I decided that, even
>if I was able to cut a deal, it would end up being a major pain in the
>ass (I am a programmer and a musician, not a businessman/shipper and
>recieiver). I want to spend my time programming and playing music not
>accounting/shipping and receiving. It would just be too much of a hit on
>my other activities.
>However,....all is not lost. I am a valued employee at Lexicon and they
>seemed to have noticed my preoccupation with looping. Quite
>unofficially, there are some low level rumblings of folding some of my
>newer looping stuff into a not so distant future Lexicon product. I
>can't go into the details but, they are listening to customer requests
>and they do count the inquires on the Lexicon web page (lexicon.com). If
>you want Lexicon to make looping products, YOU have to tell them. They
>hear it from me and they think it's just this preoccupation of mine.
>Meanwhile, I am still working on software that will run on the JamMan
>platform and have been authorized by Lexicon to use outside resources to
>test conceptual ideas. Many people have inquired to me directly about
>upgrading their JamMen. I will contact them each on a one to one basis
>to go over the details. Anyone interested in this should contact me
>directly at bsellon@lexicon.com. Make sure the word "JamMan" is in the
>Bob Sellon
>Software Engineer
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>> From:         nicomonguzzi[SMTP:nicomonguzzi@vtx.ch]
>> Reply To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>> Sent:         Monday, October 27, 1997 12:19 PM
>> To:   bsellon@lexicon.com
>> Subject:      jamman upgrade
>> hello, i've just sent this message to Bob Sellon (the JamMan Genius at
>> Lexicon) and i'm waiting for a reply.
>> if anyone has some news, please let me know.
>> ciao nicos
>> >Hello, i've read about a jamman upgrade in Loopers-Delight
>> >>http://www.annihilist.com.
>> >Do you have some news?
>> >Do you think it will be possible to send to switzerland (me and a
>> couple
>> >of >jamfriends are in a very excited wait ?)?
>> >It is true that Lexicon has produced and sell 8000 jamman ?
>> >
>> >Thanks
>> >(i hope my english is good enough to deserve a reply)
>> >
>> >With kind regards, nicolas monguzzi

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