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Re: Greetings From Oberheim

I look forward to any light you can shed on a solution to my
> situation, as well as to any reasons why the present situation even
> exists.
> --Andre LaFosse

As someone who has not yet bought an Echoplex, but has had similar
repair-hell stories with gear by other manufacturers, this story scares
me a bit. I've heard of customer service problems with Oberheim (even
reviews on Harmony Central confirm this, as well as stories like this
one), and with current Echoplexes costing $700 or more, I wish there was
another option for looping about now that was as versatile. Andre, I
thank you for posting this story, to warn us all what *could* happen
when we spend the $700+ ( a lot of dough for us poor musician types).
Lets hope the move across the country will inspire a move to hire a more
competent customer relations/repair department. 
Dave Eichenberger
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