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Am I Looping ? >I think so >

Hello loopers

I was reading you for a while so thats my first attempt to describe the
completely other way's I'm trying to master with my guitar .

1- The accoustic looping: With just one accoustic guitar playing
fingerpicking drones, sequences, loops, played alway exactly the same
until they produce the caption of the sequence by the listener. He has
understood the motif. 
He is hypnotized  8-]
Then you modify : add or delete a note make playing location shifts
orxwawes, harmonize, bass line, 
accents on some three or four notes of the drone creates a melody etc...
all real guitar no effects .

Playing with the metronome gets you to the groove in allowing you to
control dragging or rushing certain beats you produce .
As you play your loop you think at the overall architecture (where am I
where do I go ) and at the next add or incident (finger problems or
glitches bring some beatiful creativity when you allow them to exist)

I normally play very very soft with a lot of amp power (and a taste of
compression) to play the most with the dynamic of the music; 
another interesting thing with this dynamic thing is by revelating all
the finger, fretting  noizes you are obliged to use them, control them
as an entire part of interest and variations. Suddenly you hear the
harmonic's of the hand locations  you begin to use it .....
I'm mostly improvising those pieces ( from 34 sec to 10'37" ) and I
sometimes get lost but the danger is creative 

2- The techno looping: for that I create midi events sequences that
trigger the fantastic Waldorf 4 pole filter 
mainly the vcf vca and pan section of an analog synth all parameter
accesible and modulated via midi (notes,velocity,controllers afertouch p
bend etc...)or input envellope follower, trigger.

Those midi events sequences shape, filter, pan, chop the music I'm
playing to it like a programable tremolo/autopan/wha/delay going groowy
wild in sync with the music  It can also produce very subtle  pan and
filter everchanging sweeps for more calm or dreamy music.
On stage I plan to use a sequencer that would, by program change, switch
from loop to loop as the music goes by (playing with a clic will be
unavoidable for the drummer )
BTW does anybody use or know a midifile or hardware sequencer that could
be completely slaved by remote control (midi footswitch)

Finally I think the pianist had to go keyboard then sequenced then
techno some of us guitar players specially loopers can go the same way

Where is the record bin for     *The new gamelan ambiant experimental
hardcore sequenced guitar hero* 




I'll send a copy to the waldorf forum wich is a little too much on the
beach those days .-)
user-forum@waldorf-gmbh.de    http://www.Waldorf-gmbh.de/