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Re: The Echoplex upgrade arrives!

At 3:38 AM +0200 7/13/97, Claude Voit wrote:
>But today earlyer I had a talk with Rolf Spuler one of the pioneers of
>the Paradis Loop Delay (the grand father of the plex) and he told me
>that Oberheim was'nt shipping at all for the two last years and that the
>plex story was almost dead)

Well, they didn't ship any to Rolf for the past two years, which is a sad
story. They have definitely been shipping them for the past two years
though, including shipments to europe.

>Would Kim get us a litle more infos about the future distibution policy
>of oberheim (there should be a serious backlog)
>are some units going to arrive to us in europe before another long wait

I have no involvement in Oberheim policies, you have to contact them to ask
such questions. (We just license software.) I could tell them that a lot of
folks in Europe would like to know more. They are planning shipments soon
to European distributors, but I don't know any details.

>If I found a used plex today is it worth the wait (hardware wise)

The hardware is the same, sure....

>long live Aurisis Research
>and welcome the LoopIII V5.0
>Claude Voit



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