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found the Damage cd by David Sylvian and Robert Fripp, featuring Trey Gunn
on Stick (R), Michael Brook on infinite guitar, and Pat "Meatloaf"
i had expected TG to be on it, but was pleased to find the other two also.
i guess i'd thought jerry marotta or somebody would do it, like the album.

anyhow, TG seems to do a lot of great two-handed work. i don't think it's
Brook (though i don't really know about the "infinite guitar" thing)
because it sounds like a clean melody Stick, or that very familiar
wah/distorto sound that he does. 

isn't this also available on laserdisc or something? how about VHS? why

is Brook doing the delay stuff? very clean, quick echoes with a bit of
regeneration but not enough to make it muddy... fripp and gunn are fairly
familiar these days, so i don't think it's them.

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