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Musician's Friend

Ott, John wrote:

> Musican Friend still has a few JamMen for $349
> They had one "blemish" for $309 they are at
>  http://www.musiciansfriend.com/
> Thats where I got mine, good service.
> Some other mail order places may still have
> some.  My local music stores were all out.
> later
> John
> >

Musician's Friend is out as well.  I had about 24 hours of false
paradise, though, because last week bot a new one and a blem one were
still listed on their website, which evidently has to be manually
updated by them.  I ordered a Jamman, but got a message the next day
saying they were all gone. :-(

Thanks for the suggestion, though.  I've also tried the other mail-order
houses (Rock 'n Rhythm, Daddy's, Manny's, etc.) I know of.