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Re: switching loops a,b,c, in echoplex How?

At 4:08 PM 1/29/97, KemMc@aol.com wrote:
>thanks, but Kim wrote me back and made it very clear, what to do ,
>with the loops A,b,c .I tried it last night and it worked great.

hmmmmm.  I intended to reply to this by posting to the list, but somehow
only sent it directly to Kem. The dangers of assuming what's in that darned
reply-to field....

So I figure the answer's probably interesting for other folks, so here ya 

>Hi. Folks
>Ive Got an echoplex dig. pro with 16 meg of ram in it. and have been
>writing killer loops with multi,layers of drums ,guitar,bass &
>effects.  Now I need to do multi.layer loops, a,b,and c of a tune. then
>be able to change to a,b or c after there written, on the fly  and lay
>the parts to tape. Is this possible?

I think so, assuming I understand what you are trying to do.

A couple things to consider trying to decipher in the manual, and
experimenting with yourself:

SwitchQuant, which lets you jump to another loop precisely when the current
one finishes.

SamplerStyle and Midi, which makes switching loops way easier and much more

I guess what you want to do is this:

- Set MoreLoops to 3 so that you have three loops ready to go.

- Create your loop in loop 1. Go nuts.

- hit NextLoop to get to loop #2

- Create the loop 2 loop.

- hit next again to get to loop #3

- create your third loop movement in loop 3

- If SwitchQuant is off, each press of Next sends you to the next
   loop immediately. You arrive in that loop wherever it was when
   you left it.

- If SwitchQuant is on, you press Next and it waits til the loop
   finishes before jumping to the next one.

- During that waiting period you can keep hitting next, so that when
  the end of the loop comes you jump to whatever loop you like.

- If you use a midi keyboard or some other midi controller, you can
  select the loop that plays by hitting a key. SamplerStyle lets
  you choose if the loops start at the beginning and play once,
  keep running, or only play while the key is held down. You can
  use velocity sensitivity to control the loop volume this way,
  too. SwitchQuant can be used here to.

- So figure out the sequence you want to play the loops in, and
  how you are going to jump from one to the other. Roll the tape,
  and go!

>If so, a step by step
>explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Hope that helped. Ask questions if you need to.

>Boy It would be nice if
>oberheim would put a SCSI port on the back of the echoplex  to save and
>load loop samples to a hard drive.  That would be really useful
>in live performance.

Oberheim's extensive, highly-trained engineering staff is undoubtedly
working feverishly on this and other extraordinary advances right now! It's
due to appear on the market sometime in the first or second quarter after
hell freezes over...

jeez. what the heck is the matter with me tonight?

You're right, scsi would be a great addition. A bit unrealistically
expensive around the time the echoplex was designed. Maybe one of us will
do something like that some day.....

>Thanks for the input

sure, no prob.


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