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Request for FAQ info

Hello all you loopers

As I said in my earlier post I'm going to try and compile sort sort of
general FAQ about the list and looping, I guess mostly for newbies to see
what we are all about. I'm going to reread some of the stuff from the
archives to get some ideas but in the meantime I'm open to suggestions for
this. I was thinking all of you recent subscribers and "oldtimers" could
let me know what you would like to have known about when you first
subscribed. Obviously this FAQ would include some sort of definition of or
explanation of what looping and loop based music are, what types of things
we talk about, as well as a few choice links to get people started in
exploring the web site. It seems the tools of the trade the Echoplex, Jam
Man and the Vortex need to be mentioned as these are probably the most
talked about pieces of equipment on the list. Hopefully this won't take me
to long to compile as most of the info is on the web site and I don't want
to be too redundant with what is already there. This thing doesn't need to
be too long either, so please send your suggestions, etc. directly to me.
When I feel like I've gotten a good start, I'll post it to the list for
everyone to critique.

Soon   Ed