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Re: Jamman Faxes - was: RE: Musicians Friend $199 JamMan (kinda)

spoke with MF and they are willing to go to $319 I believe ... would not
match GC price since they way their inventory was purchased before the


At 2:09 PM 1/28/97, nyfac wrote:
>> If MF confirms the price for one of you (either via a call or Fax)
>> get the store they've confirmed it from and the Rep you spoke with
>> at MF. Post it to the list and that way that rep will have the data they
>> need and won't need to repeat check (and perhaps "blow it" with GC) This
>> might work best as the MF rep will also have some incentive to help you
>> because  they'll get a bunch of sales from the Loopers list and will
>> hopefully get a bit of commision for their troubles.
>Sounds like a plan.  What is the best price that someone has gotten from
>their favorite MF salesperson and what is his name?  I have been waiting
>to get one of these bad boys for a while now and, dammit, I'm sick of