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Re: Echoplex Pedal Needed

>>A friend is wanting to buy an Echoplex from Washington Music Center, but 
>>the past month they have been unable to produce the pedal to go with it.
>>They say it is on back order. Is this generally a production issue? Any
>>suggestions where he might find both? Or just the pedal?
>Make your own. Its really simple and for a lower price you can do it
>better, and according to your taste and needs, easily.
>Kim gave a lot of explanations on the site, if its not enough, keep 

if anyone else is planning on or has actually made a pedal, i'm planning on
making a combo floor pedal for my jamperson and vortex (my plex pedal works
fine but the lexicon pedals are flimsy).  i'm trying to track down some
solid, reasonably priced, industrial momentary pushbutton switches to use 
the thing.  since they need to be used for tapping tempos and such, the
action can't be too stiff.  if anyone has had any success in this endeavor
or can offer recommendations, let me know!