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Re: Reflex/Vortex Resonators

>> Not really... I was hoping for something more along the lines of 
>> transformation... speaking of which, has anyone tried using a 
>> to vary the waveform by adding low-level, octave-up "harmonics"?
>Now THIS is a job for the VG-8....pitch-shifting each string separately 
>pedal-blendable shifts of from + to -24 half-steps definitely restructures
>the waveform, making the strings sound like they're made of different
>materials, etc... (NOT amongst the in-store presets, mind you).
>e-mails for more info gladly responded to...


I'm a huge fan of the VG8 (to own one is to love one) and would love to
hear your comments on this. BTW, I got your patches from the website. Nice

Portland, OR USA