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Re: If ya liked them records....

>I too recently picked up Mr. Spooky's "dead dreamer" cd, and can attest
>that it is really quite cool. It is the only cd I own where the booklet
>verbiage quotes Francis Bacon and KRS-One right next to each other!
>On the same binge I picked up a few other gems, so for those of you trying
>to get beyond, beside, askance, beneath, or otherwise repositioned in
>relation to fripp, may I humbly suggest:
>DJ Shadow "Endtroducing"

i have a feeling this is the beginning of a long thread.  hope nobody 
it's irrelevant:  musical inspiration is always relevant!  (you musical
"isolationists" could benefit from the artists in this discussion - quite a
departure from the fripp paradigm!)

anyways, i wanted to say that i agree about the coolness of DJ Shadow.  but
for abstract, dark, jazzy, weirded-out loops and grooves, japan's DJ Krush
truly blows me away.  the general idea of the music is similar to that of 
Shadow (a DJ producing solo albums, rather than just backing up a rapper),
but Krush has a more dark, laid-back, tripped-out approach than Shadow.  he
kind of bridges the gap between Shadow and Spooky - not quite as ambient as
Spooky, but not quite as "active" as Shadow.

his album "strictly turntablized" is a collection of "excursions into the
hiphop avant-garde".  it's purely instrumental and has some deep, tweaked
textures that are amazing.  one of the coolest albums ever.

the albums "krush" and "meiso" are essential too.  the track "edge of blue"
(on "krush") features a delayed, wah-pedaled, whammy-pedaled trumpet solo 
top of a slinky gangsta-bass line that brings tears to my eyes...  these 
albums feature some guest vocals that detract somewhat, but there are still
plenty of redeeming instrumentals.  

anyways, check this stuff out!