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Re: loopers meet @namm

>at the moment, i'm looping in japan w/ryuichi sakamoto: (me, rs & dj 
>are acting as "soloists" in front of rs' 70-piece multi-mediafied 
>all the concerts are internet-cast: check the sakamoto website, if ya

Nice work if you can get it... :)

>andre: i hope i didn't cut yer hose w/my letter; i just felt a wee bit
>misunderstood, there; never having been an idolater of bobby fripp, every
>once in a while i get tired of hearing his name being *equated* w/the art 
>looping, ya dig? s'pose it's a tad "small" of me, but.....

The problem here is that Fripp has produced a lot of live looping material,
ie "here's a looper and a bunch of FX and a guitar, and here's what you can
do with them in your own home/ at the pub/etc."  So it becomes a standard
because it's what most of the people on this list do.  For example, I
gather WMS,T is de/reconstructed loops - something that most of us aren't
really in a position to do, so it's difficult to take as a benchmark.  Now
if a live, solo DT album were to be released (SUBTLE HINT HERE, DAVID) then
it would be something that related to us more as "live" loopers.  A recent
debate in these virtual pages talked about going "beyond Fripp", but only
in the sense that his looping methodology is the one we're all familiar

"Bobby" Fripp.  Heh heh heh...


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