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Re: JamMan Rumors (attempt 2!)

>>>Don't worry, though. There are plenty in the business who understand 
>>>If Lexicon is giving up, its only a matter of time before someone else 
>>>the opportunity and jumps on it. We just have to show them why they 
>Michael sais:
>>Go Alesis!    :)
>aem, your not serious?...

No, just thought I'd stir up some trouble!  :)

> and seriously: which enterprise you guys think
>should and could produce (and sell!) such a thing?

I think we have enough talent here to build the ultimate looper.  I mean we
have the Plex design team, the JamMan marketer, contacts with all the major
players (I mean all you "I demonstrated to Robert Fripp" types) and an
exact idea of what the box should do (since we all use them).  All we need
is to know whether there exists a market for such a box (or whether it's
viable to build one for the few we know that want 'em - like everyone
here..) and how much of a commitment we need from the contributors.  I'm
sure there are a few here who'd get involved.  Any takers?


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