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Re: how's the Looper's CD?


I'm shameless.  I'm actually still working on my piece.  Now that I 
actually have access to hard disk recording equipment I'm stereoizing
all the tracks on what was formerly a mono piece.

Then I guess I'll record it to a dolby-c audio cassette since it's the
best thing I have.

I could potentially send it as a file over the internet (admittedly a
HUGE file over the internet) so it could be burned as a file to CD,
but I have no idea how that would work.

Todd Madson.
Subject: how's the Looper's CD?
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Date:    1/4/97  6:35 PM

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> Bring some tape prooves of loop works. We should try to finish
> the sampler CD till then. (shit, still did not manage to burn and send my

how many looping pieces have been submitted yet? Enough to get going, or 
most people still working on their stuff? <g>

Michael Peters   
private:  100041.247@compuserve.com
work:  mp@harold-scholz.de

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