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Re: JamMan Rumors

This is related to my previous post this morning and I posted it once
earlier today but I'm reposting it because there is something weird going
on with my email and I'm not sure the list received it the first time.
Sorry if you've already read it.

Back on 12/19/96 Dpcoffin@aol.com  said:

>.... I called Bob Sellon, the guy who did Torn's PCM-42 tweaking
>(he's at 617-280-0395...not the # in the GP article...and seems to work 
>Very interesting...I was asking if the Vortex could be expanded
>delay-time-wise, and it seems not without the addition of another chip, 
>which no provision was designed in. BUT, he claimed, 1: that he may be 
>out with some Jamman tweaks, and 2: that the just-out MPX from Lexicon 
>have space for extra memory/chips, thanks to his insisting on it at the
>design stage, but no existing plans to actually use the space or expand 
>sampling/looping capabilities...his advice? Call Lexicon and ask for extra

I just called and spoke with Bob for several minutes about some of this
stuff and he said a couple of things:

1.  Lexicon is no longer manufacturing the JamMan and after current stock
is sold, there are no plans to make                  any more

2 .  He is currently working on some JamMan mods. Lexicon is interested in
licensing the software to Bob and another fellow to make some upgrades
which include hearing multiple loops simultaneously, more odd time
signature MIDI clock support,and some other tweaks which I can't recall
now. The other proposed mod would be hardware including more memory for
longer delay times and yes --STEREO INS AND OUTS.

3.  He said he did plan to write some looping software for the new MPX when
he has time ( it will probably be a while ). He said the MPX would be great
for looping because it has chorusing, reverb, etc. which could be used in
conjunction with the loops.

4. I told him about our list and he said for anyone interested in these
JamMan tweaks to email him at <bsellon@lexicon.com>  so he can see how much
interest and support is there for these mods and also to keep us posted on
their progress

Later  Ed