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Re: Paradis Loop Delay vs. Echoplex

Michael asked:
>What do you think are the most important differences between the two 

- smaller, lighter
- special Pedal-Board with 7 Keys, connected with an ordinary 1/4" cable.
- less noise
- Output-Volume control
- up to 9 independent Loops, between which you can switch and copy in
various manners.
- MIDIclock out: the tempo of a drum-machine can be defined by the loop 
- 28 Parameters, that are not lost at power off and do not stop the sound
while changed. They replace the Reset Parameters and the DIP switches and
allow new things like :
- Reverse / Replace only / Record2Insert (all on INSERT)
- Sound triggered RECORD
- Redefinition of the loop start point
- MIDI Notes or -Controllers or -ProgChange selectable.
- MIDI Dump and -Load of the loops (slow!)
- In the update, there are be better solutions for brother synced playing.

- I prefer the PARADIS footswitches (adaptable to use with the one cord, 
- You cannot tune it down with an external clock any more.
- less beautyfull, for my taste...

>I own two Paradis Loop Delays now and I'm quite happy with them. Should I
>trying to sell them (which won't be easy, and I won't get a lot of money 
>them because nobody knows them) and buy an Echoplex instead? I'm not sure 
>reverse and multiple loops are reason enough.

The main reason might be that you want to brother with your friend and
unfortunately, the BrotherSync of the LOOP delay and Plex are not

Remember that the LOOP delay was the first dedicated unit for looping and
there are only a hundred of them, so they might have a high colectors value
in a few years.

Hope this helps