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Re: Steve Reich & Musicians

>murkie writes:
>>i agree wholeheartedly about reich's compositional superiority to glass
>Another vote for Reich over Glass.  I find Glass horribly repetitive
>(not in a good way).  To me, all his pieces "sound the same", in the
>sense of using the same sort of harmonic movement.  I just can't
>listen to it anymore.
>Maybe one day I'll find an appropriate Reich piece, and make a tape of
>Koyanisquatsi (sp?) with it dubbed in.  ;-)

Ummm .... Paul writes, cautiously

I am of the opinion that polarizing the work of Reich and Glass is
unnecessary.  They each have made contributions that have spirited Western
music composition and given it a much needed kick in the ass.  Whether
Glass is too much or too little of something or other relative to Reich is
immaterial in my view.  Koyanisquatsi as an underscore to the film is a
powerful piece for example.  Whether it should, or even needs to stand
alone, so what!  Reich and Glass utilize math in a slightly different way
... Reich is more division oriented while Glass more additive.  yadda,
yadda, yadda.  Einstein on the Beach is hallmark stuff ... I am sure he is
as surprised at his popularity as anyone.  I have seen both many times, but
I am by no means a disciple.  They have both made important contributions