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Re: Bon at D.T.E.

>I'm on the wrong coast, but I'm interested...I haven't heard of Bon.  
>you describe his music?
>- chris

it's great stuff.. he was in the late 70s version of prog group gong and 
an album called "gongzilla" a couple years back with holdsworth and benoit
moerlen. he also has a live duet guitar - ambient/looping album called
'sonic abandon' that's great. the new 'bon' record is fantastic - lots of
looped textures (a few by guest david torn), and a lot of burning trio
'fusion', for want of a better word.. also some smooth violin work by caryn
lin.. try to reach bon at lolorec@aol.com for info on getting their
albums... it's really worth the trip!! 

also - they are working on another album with Torn as well as sometimes -
holdsworth drummer Gary Husband... see ya

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