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Re: How about a Loopers-Delight CD?

>>Since the CDRs are about $7 and some burn and some more costs will be
>>involved... $10 ea? Or $15 for those who did not send in music?
>>And who would do the compilation? Ray?
>Yes, I can do the mastering.


>>I vote for the later. It takes 54 CDRs. On a 4x recorder it takes 999
>>(scary, huh?) minutes to burn them. Say 1080 minutes = 18 hours with
>>exchange and stuff.
>>You will have to be very friendly, Ray, or share the work with someone.
>>I am a bit off axis, but I someone sends me a package with DATs or 
>>or CDs, I glady compile them onto a CDR or even several. But the
>>reproduction does not make sense here because the import of the material

>Well, I sure don't want to burn 54 disks.  18 is a lot.
>I can master them and make, say, 5 sets to send to other burners, who
>can duplicate them down the line.

Who can? Any hands up?

>If we're happy with nice 300x300 graphics, I can also print 18
>inserts.  If we're really getting fun, I can also print CD-R labels.
>Those cost a bit more, of course (I think the blank labels are around
>$0.50 each).

Great for me.

>>Should we wait for the Californian loop shows to happen to see if we 
>>from recordings there?
>>Or would it be a great oportunity to distribute the CDs amongst the
>>Or would the CDRs be a helpfull base to organize the concert, convince 
>>press, configure the program, prepare for the stage impros?
>This is a good question.  I'd say let's do one round, hopefully a 2
>disk set, and then think about another if the shows actually

Reasonable. So the first that send in get on the disc?
If I send you a DAT (with two 10min. sound bits to select from) and a check
of $20, is that ok?

I love this proposual. Thank you a lot!